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Technical Operator
Technical Operator Tatabánya, HU 04-May-2022
Manufacturing Tatabánya, HU 04-May-2022
Technikus Tatabánya, HU 11-May-2022
Manufacturing Tatabánya, HU 11-May-2022
Operátor Tatabánya, HU 11-May-2022
Manufacturing Tatabánya, HU 11-May-2022
Validációs mérnök
Validációs mérnök Tatabánya, HU 08-May-2022
Quality Assurance Tatabánya, HU 08-May-2022
Logistics Engineer
Logistics Engineer Tatabánya, HU 19-May-2022
Supply & Logistics Tatabánya, HU 19-May-2022
Műszakvezető Tatabánya, HU 28-May-2022
Manufacturing Tatabánya, HU 28-May-2022
Global Operations Controller
Global Operations Controller Szczecin, PL 11-May-2022
Finance Szczecin, PL 11-May-2022
Team Lead (Legal & Business Ethics)
Team Lead (Legal & Business Ethics) Szczecin, PL 13-May-2022
Legal Szczecin, PL 13-May-2022
Team Leader (Consumer Sales Support)
Team Leader (Consumer Sales Support) Szczecin, PL 12-May-2022
Consumer Szczecin, PL 12-May-2022
(Senior) Invoice Processing Specialist
(Senior) Invoice Processing Specialist Szczecin, PL 18-May-2022
Finance Szczecin, PL 18-May-2022
Performance Marketing Specialist
Performance Marketing Specialist Szczecin, PL 19-May-2022
Marketing Szczecin, PL 19-May-2022
​Junior IT Supporter (office/ hybrid/ remote) Information Technology Szczecin, PL 05-May-2022
CNC Administrator
CNC Administrator Szczecin, PL 30-Apr-2022
Information Technology Szczecin, PL 30-Apr-2022
Junior Customer Service Administrator with German (Ukrainian Job Ad) N/A Szczecin, PL 20-May-2022
Junior Order Administrator (Ukrainian job ad) N/A Szczecin, PL 19-May-2022
Junior HRIT Specialist (HR Systems)
Junior HRIT Specialist (HR Systems) Szczecin, PL 14-May-2022
Human Resources Szczecin, PL 14-May-2022
Junior IT Supporter (Ukrainian job ad)
Junior IT Supporter (Ukrainian job ad) Szczecin, PL 14-May-2022
N/A Szczecin, PL 14-May-2022
Systems Administrator
Systems Administrator Szczecin, PL 16-May-2022
Information Technology Szczecin, PL 16-May-2022
Project Manager
Project Manager Szczecin, PL 30-Apr-2022
Administration Szczecin, PL 30-Apr-2022
Pracownik administracyjny (podstawowy j. niemiecki) Consumer Szczecin, PL 16-May-2022
Junior Order Administrator (with German)
Junior Order Administrator (with German) Szczecin, PL 17-May-2022
Consumer Szczecin, PL 17-May-2022
​Payment Specialist
​Payment Specialist Szczecin, PL 05-May-2022
Finance Szczecin, PL 05-May-2022
Junior Order Administrator (umowa zlecenie) N/A Szczecin, PL 04-May-2022
Junior Customer Service Administrator (with German) Consumer Szczecin, PL 02-May-2022
HR Systems Specialist (HRIT)
HR Systems Specialist (HRIT) Szczecin, PL 25-May-2022
Human Resources Szczecin, PL 25-May-2022