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National Medical Manager


Beijing, CN

Job Family:  Marketing
Country/Region:  China

National Medical Manager 

工作摘要/目的Job Summary / Purpose



Promoting the accurate concept of neurogenic bladder management to HCP according to the market strategy of the company. Providing related academic resources and academic arguments for the promotion of the marketing strategy, and carrying out the scientific design and development accordingly.


主要职责/责任Essential Duties / Responsibilities

  1. 用最新的学术观念支持、指导市场策略推广,建立区域内目标医生和护士的正确的神经源性膀胱管理理念

Supporting and guiding the marketing strategy promotion with the updated academic concept. Establishing the accurate concept of neurogenic bladder management to target doctors and nurses in the area.

  1. 进行相应的科研设计与执行,为正确的神经源性膀胱管理理念推广提供必要的证据链

Carrying out the scientific design and implementation to provide necessary chain of evidence to the promotion of the accurate concept of neurogenic bladder management.

  1. 为市场销售团队提供必要的文件、课件等资料

Providing necessary resources such as documents and courseware to the marketing and sales team.

  1. 负责全国康复、尿控学术带头人的拜访,并建立长期的专业合作

Responsible for the visit to the leader in Urinary Surgery & Rehabilitation department, and establishing long-term partnership.

  1. 根据市场策略和区域情况,/外部客户提供临床学术支持

Providing clinical academic supports to the internal/external clients based on market strategy and regional situation

  1. 制定临床推广计划,定期组织区域内临床学术交流活动

Responsible for making clinical promotion plans, organizing clinical academic communication activities in the region.

  1. 负责医学团队管理,带领团队为各销售区域提供医学支持,及相关医学知识的培训

Responsible for medical team management; providing medical support and related medical training to each sales region.


任职资格Job Qualifications

  1. 本科及以上学历

Bachelor Degree or above.

  1. 医药、临床医学等相关专业  

Major in Medical, Clinical medicine or other related major.

  1. 3年以上医院医生背景, 泌尿外科优先  

3 years hospital doctor working background, urology is preferred.

  1. 有二年以上医学、市场或销售团队管理经验

2 years team management experience in medical, marketing or sales area.

  1. 良好的英文阅读理解能力

Good understanding on English reading comprehension.


  1. 态度积极  Positive attitude
  2. 责任心强  Responsible
  3. 具有客户识别及开发能力  Clients Identification and developing skill
  4. 良好的执行力、沟通能力  Good execution and communication skill



  • 数据分析 Data analysis
  • 课研设计 Course research and design
  • 演讲技巧 Presentation
  • 解决问题 Problem solving
  • 沟通与协调 Communication and coordination skill




Pursuing an ambitious growth agenda, Coloplast develops and markets products and services that make life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs. Employing about 12.000 people and with products available in more than 143 countries, we are one of the world´s leading medical device companies. We are constantly growing our business and always looking for new ways to move forward – we explore, learn and look for new ways of doing things.


Coloplast is committed to being an inclusive organization, where people bring their differences to work each day, fulfill their potential and have a strong sense of belonging because – and not despite – of their differences. We therefore encourage all qualified candidates to apply regardless of gender, age, race, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious belief or physical ability.


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