Head of Sales, DtC


Beijing, CN

Job Family:  Sales
Country/Region:  China

工作摘要/目的Job Summary / Purpose

Lead consumer business unit (CBU) sales team of on-line sales managers, and provide them direction to ensure business success and align organization goals with those of the CBU team.





主要职责/责任Essential Duties / Responsibilities

Develop overall understanding the business and deliver CBU sales target on quarterly basis.  全面了解公司的业务,按季完成CBU销售指标;

Develop and implement sales and business development plan for CBU using available information.  根据所掌握的信息制定并执行终端零售事业部的销售及业务发展计划;

Set goals, objectives and priorities for the team and ensure team members are aligned to CBU/organizational goals through PMP. 制定所负责团队的工作目标及优先顺序,通过绩效考核流程管理并确保团队成员共同完成销售任务;

Build and keep good relationship with Ecom key accounts.建立并维护与电商大客户之间的良好关系;

Co-work with trade marketing team to design and execute marketing activities in each channel and build brand image.与通路市场部通力合作制定并执行各渠道的市场推广活动,并建立良好的品牌形象;

Manage operation cost in line with Sales Performance. 结合销售业绩有效地控制运营成本;

Ensure an energizing environment which motivates employees at all levels to give their best to the job营造良好的激励机制以激发各级员工的工作积极性;

Implement the other temporary tasks assigned by the line manager.上级领导临时安排的其他工作。


任职资格Job Qualifications

Bachelor's degree or above in business administration工商管理专业本科或以上学历

At least 6 years' experience in relevant industry and function, incl. eCom sales in Consumer or Medical device or Pharm. Industry 6年以上电商销售经验,消费品、医用耗材或药品行业等相关经验

At least 3 years’ experience in eCom Sales team management具有3年以上电商团队管理经验



Good communication and presentation skills and strong interpersonal skills.有较强的沟通及人际交往能力

A good team player, initiative, excellent organization and coordination skill. 有团队精神,具有主动性,优秀的组织协调能力

Well-planning skills良好的计划能力

Good analytical skills and effective problem solving skills 具有较强的分析能力及有效解决问题的能力





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